Some people shouldn't be allowed to breed

Wow, the last 24 hours has been one of the strangest single days I've ever had. It's 4:30 in the morning and I just got back from the ER so I'll do a shorthand list:

1. Constant nausea brought on by either a long bout with the stomach flu, a record long bout with food poisoning, or some other problem in my stomach.

2. Broken up 2 separate instances of domestic abuse. Domestic abuse is not funny.... But these instances were a little

3. Threatened to call the cops on a cop... And it worked. I've never told a cop to "get the fuck out of my house and take this cracky slut with you" before. Never thought i would have to

4. Stopped a robbery in progress: some rich drug addict college girls think they can get away with things that are absurd with stories that are even more ridiculous

5. Had to vouch for my dog's alibi: he was literally accused of being an accessory to a crime committed in a cab driver's back seat. Luckily he was keeping my feet warm at the time

6. Watched a girl run through a half inch thick glass door= ER, 3 separate lacerations needing stitches.

...And here I am. Back in bed where it all started with me having the flu. The best part? I had plans to take my parents out to breakfast in a few hours and show them my new house. It currently looks like a homicide scene with blood and glass strewn across the floor and I think my dog caught my flu because there is fresh vomit on my couch. That or a cracky rich girl did it

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