Wow the girls in downtown fullerton are killer. With close to zero effort i opened about 5 different girls. I'm positive that with a little motivation (aka no fucking twice today) i could've pulled back to my boy's house with a chick that was at least an 8. I'm gonna further explore these options by the end of summer. My buddy's both had to get up for work so instead we focused on drug doing instead of chick pulling. My game is geared toward pushing myself out of my comfort zone so i'm sure I will pull a chick or two back in the next month (the end of summer). I can't wait. And the best part is many of the chicks giving me eye contact were asian, and any person that knows me well knows i have yellow fever.
p.s. I'm heading to dinner tomorrow with all my old buddies from high school. I wang to fuck my ex best friend but I guess we'll see what options make themselves available. I was working some game on a girl i hooked up with a loooong time ago and she seemed pretty receptive (especially since she's had a long term relationship). I want to dick her to make up for the chance i had but passed up.

p.p.s. My ex gf is planning on being in playboy in the next month or so. I'll keep you fools updated



Random Reflection

In a lot of ways I'm back where I started in college. The difference is the experiences I've had in between had made me a much more respectable person. I plan on living by myself the next year and honestly cannot wait. It definitely has occurred to me the whole loneliness aspect but I realized that my problem is not a fear of being alone, but rather a "fear of missing out", or FoMo. When I look at my friends situation, I realize that I have distanced myself (both on purpose and inadvertently) through my actions over the course of the last year or so. Despite this situation, I made a promise to myself to focus on success my last two years of college with friends being a bonus time passer and not vice versa. I'm in college with a goal in mind of learning what I can and acknowledging my fear of being left out of other people's lives has forced me to reevaluate the lives of my friends. They are fucking losers. No direction, can't be trusted, shady, drug addicted, motivation lacking. Strangely I still feel compelled to spend time with these people. I have torched those bridges to the ground and have emerged strong and happy in the midtst of it all.

Some random Muhammad Ali quotes that have spoken to me a lot lately:

"I'm not the greatest; I'm the double greatest. Not only do I knock 'em out, I pick the round"

"It's the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief. And once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen"

the affirmations I have been repeating are:"I am the greatest, I am the smartest, I work the Hardest".



New Goals

New Goals list for the summer:

-by the end of July i will have a six pack. I'm pretty shredded now and i've been taking lifting pretty seriously the last month or so. Either way I want to look back and be able to say there was a time when i had six pack abs, especially in the midst of the obesity situation.

-by the end of summer i will have started a company. I have many ideas in the shoot. Several I want to try and license, others i want to market myself. If i fail miserably I'm not that worried.

here's an amazing quote by the founder of IBM: "You want to know the fastest route to success? Double your rate of failure"
That's exactly what i plan to do

- finish the fine points of my real estate license by the end of summer. I've lagged a bit but the good news is the worst that can happen is have it suspended until I take one dismal online class.

Thats it for now.


PS. I got a ticket yesterday for use of my cell phone while driving. I don't remember the officer's name offhand but he can suck my dick. Thanks


Why I hate Alcohol- Part 1

Is it because it makes my dick not work in high doses?

The Hangover?
- That's less than pleasant but I have a tried and true remedy at this juncture.

Makes you fat?
- Only if you drink beer regularly, exercise rarely and have a poor diet. I'm sure 2/3 would be enough though

*THE #1 reason I hate drinking is because of alcohol's effect on sleep. I sit here wide awake at 6 in the morning after passing out, only to be woken 2.5 hours later.
- The reason? I'm no doctor so this is all conjecture but I believe that my high metabolism is even higher when it comes to booze. I have literally had many blackout, shithouse crazy, piss in the pool nights where I have woken up 3 hours later completely sober and completely hungover. What makes this scenario worse is that I have terrible hangovers that take a supplement regiment to cure.

There is a silver lining though. When I'm at the bar with friends all it really takes is a red bull and a couple drinkless games of pool for me to back in sober condition.

Enough about that.

My ex-girlfriend's ex-roommate (Who I've been wanting to do dirty things to for quite some time) texted me today out of the blue to inform me of the sex dream she had with me. I have heard many reports that she is a notorious cock tease but then again we have had sex at the same time in different rooms with people we just met. So whatever that means. I think with the perfect calibration of "this is what I want" and "it can be our secret", this might turn into a sexy ordeal.

- Faceless


6 months off

Wow. I promised to post every day for the new year i believe. That plan went to shit and I almost forgot about the blog completely. Let me catch you up to speed...

In the last 6 months I developed a drug addiction, dealt with a bipolar serious relationship, finished a year of school while adding a major, figured out a little more what i want to do with my life, found an amazing diet and exercise plan, partied a lot and went through the worst opiate induced withdrawals imaginable.

Where does that leave me now?
- I'm not sure what other worldly indulging is out there other than what i've done. I'm sure there are some but living everything from a DJ, drug dealer, drug addict, partyanimal, model fucker, etc I would consider myself well adjusted to the shallower side of things.
- Where that leaves me now is literally back at square one. Full circle. I'm back to being focused on life success and doing things to build a lifestyle of wealth, flexibility and true experiences.
- I'm currently narrowing down my list of internet businesses in which i want to enter and plan on capitalizing on a basic system
- I want to write part time (part of the reason this blog is so important). To do this I'm going to make a real effort to post often to flex my writing skills
- I want to bust my ass and graduate with a double major while maintaining good grades. B's or better. 3.5 if all goes to plan

that's it for now. I'll keep you updated on my progress