Things to do before school

1. Take my car in to be serviced

- it has been due for quite some time. I need to get everything tuned up to make sure it all is up to speed when i get back into the busy school week.

2. Clean my car out

- I cannot believe i haven't cleaned it since I moved out of my place a month ago. That about defines procrastination

3. Sell my wheels and get my car more stock

- With the wheel setup now, I'm constantly stared down by every cop and looked at by every driver on the road. It's pretty flashy and sporty but most of all the setup is low as fuck. I'm talking not being able to put your finger in between the tire and wheel well low. So low speed bumps take me a significant amount of time low.

4. Pick out some furniture

- My place is going to be costly any way you look at it. I hate that. I hate spending money that isn't mine. I hate not being self sufficient. I hate not having a home base that is my domain apart from anyone else in the world.

5. Continue to get lean

- I cheated for a week and gained some lbs. Time to whip my ass into shape to get ready for fighting and girls

6. Go to six Flags

-These tickets need using. I have 2 that are sitting waiting to be used

Just checking in mostly


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