Some Movie Recs

Hey all,

So in the recent weeks I've seen more movies than I can remember. I'm a near expert on sifting through bullshit for movies and analyzing them from a real perspective.

- Public Enemies:

Not that great. I was really disappointed. Depp missed the mark with his character which further solidifies my theory that he kills it at strange characters but the more normal the character, the harder it is to take him seriously. Dillinger's story is golden. It's unfortunate that it was butchered.

- Funny People:

I wanted to not see this movie so badly and let the mystery be my only knowledge of it. Unfortunately I was correct in assuming the idea of following around a successful fake comedian would sound better than it would be. The acting is above average. The story is terrible. In the first half I laughed constantly but by the end I walked out feeling like shit, especially with an ending that does not even attempt to give resolution.

- Valkyrie:

As much of a weirdo as Tom Cruise is, I have always liked his acting. He has a strong and dominant personality in real life that is perfect for main character male roles. Obviously the plot was limited to the historical story it was loosely based on but the suspense was still high and to see how primitively governments were run 50 years ago was interesting. Overall I really enjoyed it.

- Bruno:

Honestly, the level of gayness is so high in this movie I was uncomfortable. I have spent time with countless gay people, been friends with several, support whatever gay rights people desire (as long as we're talking equal and not greater like in the case of affirmative action), but this movie still was so unbelievably gay that it shocked me. I honestly did not know you could put a 5 minute scene of just a cock and get an R rating....
That said I thought it was hilarious. As shocked and appalled as I was, I think Sacha Cohen is a genius and could not get enough of people's reactions to his character. I have a lot of respect for the amount of danger and dedication he put into this movie but now I have to wonder; What is next? What could he possibly do that could top the last two? I mean we're talking about at one point saying to a terrorist that his leader looks like a homeless santa.... I can't wait for the next one


Loved and hated this movie. Muhammad Ali is a hero of mine and I reread quotes of his on a regular basis to motivate me. His story is inspirational and it is the perfect tale of a winner. That said, he is kind of a prick. The movie captures only part of that and skews it to make it look like he was always like that. Only those around him can attest to what he's like in private but many of his later interviews give the listener a deeper view of Ali that paints a different picture than that portrayed in the movie. I loved it for its illustration of the multiple things he went through and in what sequence but hated it for his portrayal and weak boxing scenes.


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