New Years Resolutions and Their Explanation= Good News for Faceless Readers (if there are any)

The idea of New years resolutions usually bugs the shit out of me. It's generally a list of things that never really get accomplished and are forgotten by February. When making my list for 2009, I thought a lot about why this is for me and the general population. I believe that while there are many reasons, two of the most significant are: 1. The person is afraid of their own success/ not willing to take the long way to achieve it 2. The goals are general and therefore run the risk of being compromised by self sabotaging thoughts (ie quit smoking= "i was drunk so it didn't count). To combat these I have made general goals accompanied by specific contingencies for various cases. My list is as follows:

1. Strive to be the best in the different areas of my life accepting only the best out of myself and people around me.

2. Live life in the uncomfortable zone

3. Get back to reading everyday

4. Update my blog daily (or as close to it as physically possible) to practice my writing.

5. Finalize my real estate license

6. Find legitimate internship


Being the best is something I go in and out of. The feeling of being the best and accomplishing goals laid in front of me is a feeling I love to the depths of my soul. That said, the busyness and lack of schedule currently in my life cloud the things which really matter. There are many times that watching a TV show sounds much better than getting an early jump on a paper or pursuing the girls which i want to have in my life.

- Solution: First off, drugs and alcohol are getting in the way. I've cut out all but one drug in my daily life and the difference is a much clearer head, more energy, and no more addictions... As for the booze situation, I've been trying to learn to be ok with being sober around a party scene and still have a good time. With my work I'm out 2+ times a week in bars and clubs and if I drink every time it really fucks up my productivity the next day.

Taking the long way to reach my goals: Growing up I was rarely considered the best at the various sports and other extra curriculars I took part in. Honestly, historically I take the easy way out of situations. This affects both my goal of being the best and also living life in the uncomfortable zone. Part of the reason may be rooted in self worth issues ect but moving forward I want to push myself in school, mma, girls, and all social situations. While there are countless shortcut methods to everything in life, I'm beginning to realize that shorcuts never really teach you the topic as a whole; they simply give you a surface level amount of knowledge. To be the best, I want to take the long way in each part of my life and put in the extra effort to master the things around me.

For class this is very specific. Start things several days earlier than i do, take professors up on their office hours, do hw when i get back from class and my memory is fresh etc.

As for now I'm gonna go start reading the 500 page Real Estate book I've been putting off.

See you tomorrow


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