Waste of a Day

Wow, sleeping through an alarm and missing and appointment has never felt so good. Luckily it was just a haircut. Hopefully my sexy stylist can get over it.

Another ridiculous dream. I was back in high school and walked past two fat, ugly, black haired slobs playing dungeons and dragons and asked if being a fat ass gives +2 defense. They got up and talked some shit and the next second I was boxing some kid I used to make fun of in junior high.... I'm just glad my dreams progressed past the claustrophobic level....

In case you're interested, the dream signs would be: 1. The random cameo of some Jr high asshole. 2. the ridiculousness of the situation. 3. The fact that any Dungeons and dragons weirdo would ever pick a fight not involving a game controller or cards

... a more intellectual post tomorrow, I promise


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