Wow the girls in downtown fullerton are killer. With close to zero effort i opened about 5 different girls. I'm positive that with a little motivation (aka no fucking twice today) i could've pulled back to my boy's house with a chick that was at least an 8. I'm gonna further explore these options by the end of summer. My buddy's both had to get up for work so instead we focused on drug doing instead of chick pulling. My game is geared toward pushing myself out of my comfort zone so i'm sure I will pull a chick or two back in the next month (the end of summer). I can't wait. And the best part is many of the chicks giving me eye contact were asian, and any person that knows me well knows i have yellow fever.
p.s. I'm heading to dinner tomorrow with all my old buddies from high school. I wang to fuck my ex best friend but I guess we'll see what options make themselves available. I was working some game on a girl i hooked up with a loooong time ago and she seemed pretty receptive (especially since she's had a long term relationship). I want to dick her to make up for the chance i had but passed up.

p.p.s. My ex gf is planning on being in playboy in the next month or so. I'll keep you fools updated


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