Why I hate Alcohol- Part 1

Is it because it makes my dick not work in high doses?

The Hangover?
- That's less than pleasant but I have a tried and true remedy at this juncture.

Makes you fat?
- Only if you drink beer regularly, exercise rarely and have a poor diet. I'm sure 2/3 would be enough though

*THE #1 reason I hate drinking is because of alcohol's effect on sleep. I sit here wide awake at 6 in the morning after passing out, only to be woken 2.5 hours later.
- The reason? I'm no doctor so this is all conjecture but I believe that my high metabolism is even higher when it comes to booze. I have literally had many blackout, shithouse crazy, piss in the pool nights where I have woken up 3 hours later completely sober and completely hungover. What makes this scenario worse is that I have terrible hangovers that take a supplement regiment to cure.

There is a silver lining though. When I'm at the bar with friends all it really takes is a red bull and a couple drinkless games of pool for me to back in sober condition.

Enough about that.

My ex-girlfriend's ex-roommate (Who I've been wanting to do dirty things to for quite some time) texted me today out of the blue to inform me of the sex dream she had with me. I have heard many reports that she is a notorious cock tease but then again we have had sex at the same time in different rooms with people we just met. So whatever that means. I think with the perfect calibration of "this is what I want" and "it can be our secret", this might turn into a sexy ordeal.

- Faceless

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