New Goals

New Goals list for the summer:

-by the end of July i will have a six pack. I'm pretty shredded now and i've been taking lifting pretty seriously the last month or so. Either way I want to look back and be able to say there was a time when i had six pack abs, especially in the midst of the obesity situation.

-by the end of summer i will have started a company. I have many ideas in the shoot. Several I want to try and license, others i want to market myself. If i fail miserably I'm not that worried.

here's an amazing quote by the founder of IBM: "You want to know the fastest route to success? Double your rate of failure"
That's exactly what i plan to do

- finish the fine points of my real estate license by the end of summer. I've lagged a bit but the good news is the worst that can happen is have it suspended until I take one dismal online class.

Thats it for now.


PS. I got a ticket yesterday for use of my cell phone while driving. I don't remember the officer's name offhand but he can suck my dick. Thanks

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