6 months off

Wow. I promised to post every day for the new year i believe. That plan went to shit and I almost forgot about the blog completely. Let me catch you up to speed...

In the last 6 months I developed a drug addiction, dealt with a bipolar serious relationship, finished a year of school while adding a major, figured out a little more what i want to do with my life, found an amazing diet and exercise plan, partied a lot and went through the worst opiate induced withdrawals imaginable.

Where does that leave me now?
- I'm not sure what other worldly indulging is out there other than what i've done. I'm sure there are some but living everything from a DJ, drug dealer, drug addict, partyanimal, model fucker, etc I would consider myself well adjusted to the shallower side of things.
- Where that leaves me now is literally back at square one. Full circle. I'm back to being focused on life success and doing things to build a lifestyle of wealth, flexibility and true experiences.
- I'm currently narrowing down my list of internet businesses in which i want to enter and plan on capitalizing on a basic system
- I want to write part time (part of the reason this blog is so important). To do this I'm going to make a real effort to post often to flex my writing skills
- I want to bust my ass and graduate with a double major while maintaining good grades. B's or better. 3.5 if all goes to plan

that's it for now. I'll keep you updated on my progress

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